Tascam Model 24 Multi-Track Live Recording mixer
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Tascam Model 24 Multi-Track Live Recording mixer


The Model 24 Multitrack Recorder/Mixer/Interface. Whether used for rehearsal, live shows or studio production, this triple-function recording console perfectly meets the needs of today’s working and recording musician

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About this item

  • A full set of familiar EQ and Auxiliary knobs remove the need to menu dive, and all inputs/outputs are all on the surface for easy access
  • Features 16 high-grade TASCAM mic preamps and multiple stereo line inputs for studio-quality audio performance right out of the box
  • Capture up to 24 tracks simultaneously (at 24bit/48kHz resolution) directly to the SD card, with the ability to support punch in/out 8 tracks at the same time
  • Once a take is done, easily playback any or all recorded tracks through the console for immediate mixdown; Input Impedance: 22kΩ
  • Can act as a powerful audio interface and will connect directly to your PC or Mac for easy integration with your DAW of choice
  • Designed to be both lightweight and rugged, it can easily be carried from studio to stage with confidence in its reliability
  • Brand: Tascam
  • Model 24 Model 16 Model 12
    Total input channels 22 14 10
    Microphone preamps with 48V Phantom power 16 10 8
    Balanced line inputs 20, 12 mono, 4 stereo 12, 8 mono, 2 stereo 10, 8 mono, 2 stereo
    AUX sends MON 1, MON 2, and FX MON 1, MON 2 [pre/post], and FX AUX 1, AUX 2 [pre / post]
    1 knob compressor Channel 1-12 Channel 1-8 Channel 1-8
    Master section EQ 7-band graphic stereo EQ selectable for Main and Monitor outputs 4-band EQ, hi/ lo shelf, two mid-sweepable with wide/narrow Q, selectable for Main and Monitor outputs 3-band EQ, hi/lo shelf, mid-sweepable with wide/narrow Q, selectable for Main or Aux 1/2 outputs
    Faders 100mm 60mm 60mm
    19-inch rack mountable No Yes, rack mount kit option no
    Available tracks recorded internally 22 channels + stereo master 14 channels + stereo master 10 channels + stereo master
    Available USB input channels 24, 22 input channels + stereo master 16, 14 input channels + stereo master 12, 10 input channels + stereo master


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