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Applicability –
The following Terms & Conditions (hereinafter: Terms & Conditions) apply solely when you use the following Eguriro Ltd. (hereinafter: , applications and online services (hereinafter: the Websites).Eguriro Devices Ltd. is a company incorporated under the rules of the republic Rwanda of Delaware, the main place of business of which is located at KN 87 st, beatitude, 2nd floor and at its website, These Terms do not whatsoever amend or nullify any condition or contract into which you have already entered with for the provision of products and/or services. Should you be using this website for any other entity, you hereby declare and confirm that you are eligible to accept these Terms & Conditions and to agree thereto in respect to this entity and that this entity agrees to compensate you and Eguriro Devices Ltd. for violations of the Terms & Conditions

Shipping terms and policy:
Information on ordering costs is available using the Our Shopping Calculators.
We make every effort to execute orders within 1 working days.
Our working hours are 8:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday to Friday.
Any Cargo charges are paid by customer, all taxes are paid by the owner of the product, any additional fees related to extra big packages will be paid by owner of a product
item will be available within 7-45 days from the date the buyer placed his/her order
ordering and cancellation of an order
orders below 250$ a customer will pay full amount before we place his order. while orders above 250$ you can pay 70% of the total price and then the balance on delivery.
Orders from Taobao and Alibaba will be paid in full before we Process them.
advance payment must be paid in one of our payment processor and the buyer get a pre-order form in form of proof of payment (only if he pays in cash )
cancelling shipped order or placed order will lead to the restoring fee of 25% of the total price,
orders above 1999$ , the buyer is free to pay 70% or full amount before is not responsible to the quality of the product nor is liable to the terms of guarantee applying thereto.
if the item arrive and the buyer is notified and doesn’t come for pick up after 2 week he will pay Penality of 3% of the total price every week, after more 2 weeks the buyer will loose 25% of the total price and the item will be return.

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