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How eGuriro works

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Over 1,000 members trust eGuriro with their international shipping needs. plus our fair price saved members $47 Thousand last year on shipping cost.

Below is how our process works

Step 1

Search for a Product

Go to any store located in the USA , China and Dubai and Search any product you need. just make sure the store is legit.

Step 2

Calculate The Total

once you are done with choosing, Go to calculators and insert your product link and other details to get the total.

Step 3

Add to Cart & Checkout

as soon as you get the total click add to cart button and proceed to checkout or pay directly with your PayPal Account / BANK CARD or Pay Cash to our Office.

Step 1

Search for a product

For example if you are looking for a (Macbook pro 13.3″ 2015) go to any store and type product name in search box then click enter, they will display many different product related to the name you have inserted and then choose the best for you from the list. 

1. go to Search Box in any store 
2. Insert product name in search box
3. click Enter and choose from the list.

Step 2

Calaculate The Total

Once you are done choosing the product, open Retail or Wholesale calculator and then insert details that the calculator will be asking for , like ( product link , product price on the external store , and product weight of the product. then click calculate to get the total. 

Shop in the USA: use it when you want to shop from USA online stores, like amazon , walmart and many more. 
Shop in China: this is created all Chinese online stores like Taobao, alibaba and all online stores within china.  
Shop in Dubai: this is for all Dubai online stores like 

Step 3

Add to Cart & Checkout

After getting the total you click add to cart button and follow check out process, currently we are accepting cash to our office and VISA or MasterCard.

  1. Once eGuriro receives your payment Immediately start processing your Order. 
  2. Delivery time depends on where the product is located and shipping method we are using but it takes 7-14 days by fright. 
    20-45 days by sea.

4. Get your Goods & Worry Free

You will get your goods at our discounted Rate! once we receive your order we will shop & ship it to your destination. you will received arrival email notification as soon as you package arrives to your destination. 

1. once you get your product eGuriro will request a Review on the product so that our users will be notified about quality and any other experience you may meet While shopping with us. we hope you will love it 🙂

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Nkuranga Moris
Nkuranga Moris
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Thanks for the service, i received my google pixel Xl in few days without any problem and it is of Good Quality
Maurice Rwabuhungu
Maurice Rwabuhungu
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I had great experience with them, they are professional
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