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1. Search what you need

Go to any online store and search for a product of your choice. (Make sure it is located in the USA, China or Dubai).

2. Calculate the amount to be paid

once you are done with choosing, Go to shopping calculator and insert your product link and other details to get the total

3. Add to Cart & checkout

As soon as you get the total, click the “Add to cart” button and proceed to checkout.

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Why choose eGuriro?

Since 2017, we have been delivering Packages from USA, China & Dubai safely and faster. We connect our users to billions of products from online stores around the world with incredible support and secure checkout. You are in good hands with eGuriro!

Millions of Products

With Millions of products listed on online stores, you’ll find what you’re looking for and it will be a unique and personalised experience.

Outstanding Support

Our customer support is second to none, users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

Speed & secure

As soon as we receive your order, we immediately process it and make sure it is delivered on time while letting you track every move until you get your order.

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We ship from the USA  to more than 20 countries around the globe, with more than a thousand happy customers! 

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