WiFi Bluetooth Projector

WiFi Bluetooth Projector


The WiFi Bluetooth Projector has a Built-in stereo surround speaker which provides the original audio fidelity

Big projection screen brings a stunning, immersive viewing experience, suitable for watching movies, playing games

You can mirror the movies, photos, or games on your phone to the DBPOWER L23 outdoor projector instantly in one second, with no hassle of extra adapters

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Native 1080P Full HD Outdoor Projector with WIFI and Bluetooth

The Real Native 1080P Resolution

A higher resolution is especially important for home theater Bluetooth projectors. When comparing the number of pixels (resolution) of 1080P and 720P with the same screen size, DBPOWER L23 outdoor projector becomes 4 times higher definition. The projector’s chip consists of tens of thousands of reflective lenses, each lens is quickly switched every second to render a 1080P full HD picture.

Humanized side removable dust design

You can remove the dust from the removal port on the bottom of the fuselage easily when there are black dots on the screen which can ensure the effect and the life of the DBPOWER L23 outdoor movie projector.

projector with wifi and bluetooth

9000L High Brightness

DBPOWER L23 Native 1080P WiFi projector utilizes the upgraded brighter LED light and LCD display technology, with 9000 high brightness which can provides significantly crystal clear and vivid picture.

10000:1 Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of the outdoor projector is about 10000:1, which makes it easy to display bright and vivid colors. In addition, DBPOWER L23 outdoor movie projector has a wider color gamut and abundant colors.

outdoor projector

WiFi Connection

Bring your smartphone or iPad to the big screen by the wifi connection of the outdoor Bluetooth projector. Save the money of buying additional cable. One-time connection and lifetime enjoy.

How to Screen Mirror Your iPhone to this Projector?

1. Turn on WIFI on the settings icon from the main menu of the projector;

2. Select “iOS Cast” from the main menu;

3. Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi router;

4. Turn on Screen Mirroring on your iOS device, select the projector device “DBPOWER-XXXX” and connect it ;

How to Screen Mirror Your Android phone to this Projector?

1. Select “Cast Screen” in the user interface after power on.

2. Turn on the WLAN (WiFi) and the mobile data traffic on your phone.

3. Turn on the wireless projection function in the phone’s status bar or setting page, search “DBPOWER-XXXX” and click it to connect.

bluetooth projector

Bluetooth & Built-in HIFI speaker:

The Bluetooth function of the wifi home projector makes you connect headphones, speakers, other audio equipment easily. Built-in dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system provide you an immersive experience.

To Pair the Bluetooth device:

1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is in pairing mode.

2. Turn on the Projector and choose Setting- Find the Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth- then Press Scan to pair the devices.

1080p projector

Build-in HiFi speaker

With a built-in updated HI-FI Stereo speaker, the DBPOWER L23 home theater projector producing amazing sound quality for indoor and outdoor scenes, bringing you an immersive and impressive experience.

75%-100% Zoom Function:

DBPOWER L23 outside Projector can use the remote control to adjust the image from 75%-100%. Without changing the projection distance, you can easily get the proper screen size by the remote.

Six Layer LCD Lens Display

The lens is composed of 6 high-precision and high-transmittance coating lenses, this increases projection transmittance and prevents stray light from interfering with images as well as enhancing image sharpness.

Multiple Installation Methods

The projector with wifi and bluetooth supports a maximum watching size of 300 inches to give you a great watching experience. The recommended viewing distance is 1.5 m~2.2 m. With 360° inversion function, it can be projected from the front/back/ceiling.

projector with bluetooth

Wide Compatibility

With 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, AV port, VGA port and a 3.5mm headphone jack, projector with WiFi and Bluetooth can easily connect with TV Stick, PC, external speakers, Xbox, DVD player, USB, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone.

Customized carrying case

With a extra customized carrying case, you can bring the outdoor movie projector wherever you want. The DBPOWER L23 1080p WiFi portable projector makes your business trip or vacation more colorful.

Warm Tips:

⦁Due to copyright issues Netflix / Disney / Amazon are prohibited playing movies from the projector, You can connect the 1080p bluetooth projector with the TV Stick to watch the Netflix, Hulu, and etc.

⦁ When you are trying to connect to a Bluetooth device, please make sure the Bluetooth device is in Pair Mode before you click the scan button. You can find the method to set up Pair Mode in the Bluetooth device’s Instruction.

⦁ Bluetooth can only transmit Audio, but not Videos. If you want to cast your device’s screen, please go to the homepage and use screen mirror function.

⦁ The DBPOWER home theater Projector’s Bluetooth can connect with Bluetooth speakers\Earphones\Soundbar, but not with Phones\Computers.

Product details

Model Name L23
Hardware Interface VGA, Bluetooth, AV Port, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio
Mounting Type Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount, Tripod Mount
Brightness 9000 Lumen
Controller Type Remote Control


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