Mosquito Trap, OPULEXX Fruit Fly Trap with UV Light
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Mosquito Trap, OPULEXX Fruit Fly Trap with UV Light

Original price was: $46.85.Current price is: $39.99.


Aesthetic purple light waves the Mosquito/Fly trap adds a modern look to any space while attracting various flying pests. The Mosquito/ Fly Trap comes equipped with an all-natural attractant made of natural plant extracts, essential oils, proteins, sugars, and plant and animal fats. The attractant should be replaced every 20 days and can be replaced with brown sugar.

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Mosquito Trap

INDOOR MOSQUITO TRAP works better on Fruit Fly, Gnats, Small Mosquitoes, and Tiniest Flying Bugs. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: large flying insects or crawling insects such as house flies, ladybugs, etc.

ONE LAMP, MULTIPLE USES: The lamp with an oval-shaped lure box is used to hold a lure for attracting gnats or small moths. It’s a mosquito killer lamp. In the winter, if no mosquitoes, you can put cotton in the lure ball, and then add essential oil onto the cotton. It’s also an aromatherapy device. With exquisite shape design, placing it on the counter top or bedside, is also a very beautiful craft.

Mosquito trap: UV light + odor + wind suction trap.

Mosquito Trap

mosquito killer

OPULEXX mosquito killer lamp is smoke-free, smell-free and noise-free, and will not affect your daily life. Even if it is used in the bedroom, it will not affect your sleep.

OPULEXX is the favorite 365nm ultraviolet rays of mosquitoes, which can attract mosquitoes very well. But there is no harm to the human and pets.

OPULEXX seven-blade powerful fan is more powerful than ordinary five-blade fan and has stronger suction power.

OPULEXX Mosquito Trap can be used in many occasions, as long as there are flying insects. For example, there will be some fruit flies or gnats in the kitchen or living room. Or there are some flies in the place where the plants are planted, or some mosquitoes in the bedroom, etc. And in places like the bedroom where you will stay for a long time, it is better to turn on the OPULEXX mosquito trap 3 hours before you go to


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