HOTWAVE Portable Exercise Equipment with 16 Gym Accessories

HOTWAVE Portable Exercise Equipment with 16 Gym Accessories


Portable Exercise Pack is used with various workout equipment attachments:foldable Pushup board,3-section Bar,4 Resistance Bands, 2Ankle Strap,door nachor …

Howave is designed to replace bulky equipment and machines in gyms and combine them into one creative workout concept.

It’s a home gym that you can take anywhere, work your whole body out, take up no space, and save you the expensive cost of a gym.

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Different color areas, exercise different muscle groups


Functional introduction and fitness guidance


A complete set of fitness system, complete fitness accessories.


The complete pushup fitness system can complete more than 50 different exercise modes, different combinations and matches to help you complete the exercise of different muscle parts, portable gym can replace the traditional large fitness machine, help you portable and save space.


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