Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor


Smart backlit screen for clear and easy data readings which is a great user-friendly design for the elderly users.

It is able to detect your heart rate at the same time ,Precise detection results will help you better judge your body and health situations

You can adjust the upper arm cuff to fit your arm for maximum comfort , The cuff will give you a comfortable wearing experience as it supports the size of 8.7 to 15.7 inches

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Automatic Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor with Upper Arm Cuff

blood pressure monitor bp machine upper arm cuff

Product Features

1. Highly Accurate Detection Readings

Detect your blood pressure with accurate readings. It can also detect your heart rate at the same time.

2. One-key Operation Easy to Use

All you need is just a press on the button START/STOP. User-friendly design for the elderly users.

3. Adjustable Upper Arm Cuff

The adjustable arm cuff (8.7 to 15.7 in) will give you a comfortable wearing experience.

4. Large Backlit Screen

Day or night, our large LCD backlit screen gives clear big-number readings which is convenient for the elderly users.

5. Dual-user Mode

Support 2 users with up to 240 records (120 for each) and take 3 consecutive readings to find your average blood pressure, giving you a more comprehensive detection results.


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