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Shop your first ride in Canada

Buying your first car is an important step. Deciding which car to buy can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. You must consider a blend of affordability, safety, reliability, economy and style. Kijiji inventory includes a wide variety of new and used vehicles from dealers and private sellers, so you can find the ideal first car for you.

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Go on Kijiji and search for any car which is affordable to you.

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we have created an car shopping calculator which helps you to know how much it will cost you. just insert Car link and its price on kijiji then click calculate. ( price on kijiji is in CAD convert into USD 1CAD=0.78USD)

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Frequently asked Questions

Yes it’s more safe. Canada is one of the most country in the world to have most beautiful and affordable cars.

Before we pay for your car, we first go to where is located and test it before buying it.  if there is any problem we inform you then decide what to Do. 

Yes, we test a car before sending it to you

Taxes in Rwanda are displayed on RRA website ,we let you know how much you can expect to pay in customs once your car arrives in Kigali.

Here are some important tips

  • If you’re looking for a used car – and most first-time buyers are – research which used cars are best in terms of reliability and average mileage lifespan
  • Double-check the kilometres per litre and calculate how much you may end up spending on fuel each month
  • Remember that, as a first time driver, you may find it more comfortable to drive a car with automatic transmission
  • Look for a car with safety systems such as: anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control (TC) and electronic stability control (ESC). These features can be helpful for new drivers in difficult driving conditions
  • Go for a test-drive. test drive is not possible since you are in Rwanda but we do this for you. 

To help with your search, you can request us support and we help you to get the perfect choice for your first car.

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