4 pcs | 2″ Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5×4.5 | 71.5mm 14×1.5 fits Dodge Chrysler

4 pcs | 2″ Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5×4.5 | 71.5mm 14×1.5 fits Dodge Chrysler


you are getting the highest quality of wheel spacers that is tough, stable and safe. Increasing clearance for oversized or wider wheels and improving handling characteristics/stability and brake clearance. Giving your vehicle a more aggressive appearance

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Wheel Spacers Specifications

Quantity: Four (4)

Thickness: 2″

Bolt Pattern: 6×4.5 to 6×4.5

Hub bore: 66.1mm

Thread Pitch: M12x1.25

Material: T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum with 12.9-grade studs


4 x Hubcentric wheel spacers (2″ per unit)

2 x high strength thread-locking (red)

2 x user manual.


2005 -2019 Frontier

2005-2012 Pathfinder

2005 -2015 Xterra

Never modify wheel spacer/adapter.

Never remove factory-installed studs on wheel spacer/adapter.

Never use an impact wrench for wheel spacer/adapter installation.

Do not stack multiple spacer/adapter on a single wheel.

Carefully follow our installation instructions included on this package

Note: Please make sure that these are the correct application for your vehicle. We do not guarantee any fitment onto any vehicle,we only guarantee that you will receive the item described above.

This spacer adapter includes open-end lug nuts to secure the spacers onto your factory hubs

If your factory thread size is different from 12×1.25 – Need to purchase a set of open-end lug nuts in the correct thread pitch (your factory thread pitch) to complete the installation

Your Factory wheel studs may extend past the surface of the wheel spacers. In this case, you will need to:

1) Shorten the factory studs

2) The wheels need to have open slots (cavities) between mounting holes.

3) Purchase a set of shorter studs and replace them with the factory studs.


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